Community Micro Grant: Application

The Convention and Visitors Bureau donates micro grants to help fund Eudora community events. The donation is an application process that board members vote to approve. Due to the purpose of the CVB not all micro grants will automatically be approved (please see below purpose statement).

Micro grants are given on a percent funded formula that max out at $150.

Any group may apply for a micro grant. Events/groups that align with CVB purpose will be determined by voting membership from information that your group provides on this form.

Fill out the questions to begin the application process. All applications will be voted on during the CVB meeting (2nd Monday of the Month). Applications must be submitted 30 days in advance to be considered for grant distribution the following month.

Our Group Purpose: To inspire people from around the region to visit, stay, play, dine & shop in Eudora through event promotions, community marketing efforts.

Micro Grant Applications Must Complete form below:

Does your group bring in out of town traffic? *
Is your event/group a business? *
Is your event/group non-profit? *
Is your event/group a Eudora organization? *
Do you follow the Convention and Visitors Bureau on Social Media? *
Where will your event be located? *
Where will your event be located?
Name of person submitting form *
Name of person submitting form

IMPORTANT: Click blue SUBMIT button to complete your application

By submitting this form, participant agrees that a submission the application does not guarantee the receipt of a micro grant. Grants are determined by qualifying questions, remaining available micro grants, and are voted on by CVB board members by a percent funded formula.